Classification as Use (Technological View):

Classification as Use (Technological View):

Biological Computer:
Micro computers that are specifically designed to be used for medical applications are called Biological computer. The biological computer is planted inside the body and is mainly used for tasks like monitoring the body’s activities. For example diagnosing and treating diseases. Biological computers enable a doctor to focus on a specific part of a body up to examine specific body cells and find a treat only damaged or diseased cells.

Quantum Computer:
A quantum computer obeys the laws of quantum mechanics which are very different from classical physics. The fundamental unit of information in a quantum computer is called quantum bit or qubit. It is different from the fundamental unit of information of computer as a 0 or 1 in digital computer. Scientists have already built basic quantum computers that can perform certain calculations. But a practical quantum computer is in development stage.

DNA Computer:
DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid molecules, material our genes are made of, have the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the world's most powerful human built computers. A computer that uses DNA to store information and perform complex calculations is called a DNA computer. It was in 1994 that University of Southern California computer scientist Leonard Adelman suggested that DNA could be used to solve complex mathematical problems. While still in their infancy, DNA computers will be capable of storing billons of times more data than your personal computer.

Optical Computer:
An optical computer is a computer that uses light instead of electricity. An optical computer uses photons to manipulate, store and transmit data. You also know the modern electric computer use transistors. In optical computers electronic components are replaced with optical ones and optical transistors must be used. Optical computer technology is still in early stages.

Chemical Computer:
A chemical computer is an unconventional computer based on a semi-solid chemical soup, where data is represented by varying concentration of chemicals. The computations are performed by naturally occurring chemical reactions. So far, it still in very early experimental stage, but may have great potential for the computer industry.

Nano Computer:
A nano computer is a computer that is microscopic size. It is smaller than micro computer, which is smaller than mini computer. We can also say it is a computer whose fundamental parts are no bigger than a few nanometers. It is commonly used nano technology which is the building of extremely small machines.

Wetware Computer:
A wetware computer is an organic computer. Organic refers any thing that is derived from living organisms. A wetware computer is from living neurons, which are cells found in brain, spinal column and nerves. A wetware computer is some times called an artificial organic brain or a neurocomputer. A wetware computer has already been constructed from leech neurons.

Shoe Computer:
A shoe computer is a type of computer that uses low level electrical impulses emitted by our bodies, when we walk we generate the energy, and this energy powers the processors of the computer.

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