GK About Assam

Capital of Assam : Dispur
No of District : 33
Majuli is the world’s largest river island
Umananda is the world’s smallest river island.
Majuli and Umananda Both are on the same river Brahmaputra.
Majuli is declared as district on 2016
Assam was formed on 26 January 1950

Parliamentary Constituency : 14
Legislative Constituency : 126
Legislature Unicameral (126 seats)
Parliamentary constituency 14
High Court Gauhati High Court
Total Area 78,438 km2 (30,285 sq mi)
Area rank 17th in India
Total Population (2011 census) 31,205,576
Human Development Index (HDI) 0.598 (medium)
HDI rank 15th in India (2016) Literacy 72.19% (19th in India)
Official languages Assamese, Bodo and Bengali
State song O mor aponar dex State motto Zoy ai axom
State Literary Society Axom Xahityo Xobha
State festival Bihu
State dance Bihu nas(Bihu dance)
State flower Kopou phul(Foxtail Orchids)
State tree Hollong(Dipterocarpus macrocarpus)
State animal Gor (One horned rhinoceros)

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