Important facts to know about COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS| Corona virus updates|

Covid-19 has been declared as global pandemic by WHO. These are some facts we should know about COVID-19-
• First case of novel Corona virus was identified in Wuhan, hubei of China.

• WHO designated novel Corona virus as covid 19 in 11 February 2020.

•Corona virus has got it's name due to their crown like projections in their surfaces when viewed under electric microscope.

•Corona in Latin means "Halo" or "crown" .

•first case of covid 19 case seen outside the China is in 13 January 2020,in Thailand.

• In India first case of covid 19 was seen in 30 January 2020, in Kerala, thrissur district, a student who was studying in Wuhan University.

•  About more than 200 countries, areas, territories are suffering from novel Corona virus.

•On 11 March 2020 WHO declared covid 19 as Global pandemic.

•lncubation period for covid 19 is 2-14 days.

• Test done for detection of covid 19 is antibody test  and RT-PCR.

•Diseases related to Corona virus is MERS-coV (middle East respiratory syndrome) and SARS-coV (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

•New name for Corona virus temporarily is 2019-nCoV.