Sodium and Chronic kidney disease diet

What is sodium?
Sodium is a mineral found naturally in foods and is a major part of table salt.

What are the effects of eating too much sodium?
Some salt or sodium is needed for maintaining water balance in the body. But , when kidneys lose the ability to control sodium and water balance, one may Experience the following:
•fluid gain(swollen ankles,pedal edema,puffiness of face) 
•high blood pressure specially in salt sensitive people.

Hints to keep sodium intake down:
•cook with herbs and spices instead of salt, read food labels and choose those foods low in sodium.
•avoid salt substitutes and specially low sodium foods made with salt substitutes because they are high in potassium.
•when eating out, ask for meat or fish without salt , ask for gravy or sauce on the side , these may contain large amounts of salt and should be used in small amounts.
• limit use of canned, processed and frozen foods.

Understanding information about food labels:
•sodium free : only a trivial amount of sodium per serving
• very low sodium: 35 mg or less per serving.
•low sodium:140mg or less per serving.
•reduced sodium: foods in which level of sodium is reduced by 25%
• light or lite in sodium: Foods in which sodium is reduced by at least 50%
         Simple rule of thumb : if salt is listed in first five ingredients, the item is probably too high in sodium to use .

All  food labels now have milligrams (mg) of sodium listed. Follow these steps when reading sodium information on the label:
1. Know how much sodium is allowed each day: remember that there are 1,000mg in 1g. For example, if the diet prescription is 2g of sodium, limit is 2,000 mg/day . Consider sodium value or other food to be eaten during the day .
2. Look at the package label and check serving size:  nutrition values are expressed per serving. How does this compare to the total daily allowance? If sodium level is 500mg  or more per serving item is not a good choice. labels of similar products: select lowest sodium level for same serving size.

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