Tips for good sleep

Patient education regarding good sleep hygiene/Tips for good sleep

1. Go to bed only when sleepy.
2.Use bed and bedroom only for sleep and intimacy.
3.Room should be cool, dark and quiet (no lights/LED clocks/ noisy clocks). Decrease other noises , e.g. snoring, household tension/noises.
4.Do not watch TV /computer/ mobile phone at bed time .
5. Avoid nap or sleep during daytime.
6. Avoid coffee, late night snacks and alcohol 6 hours before sleep.
7. Establish daily exercise program.
8. Establish bedtime ritual (30 minutes to wind down) and a routine time for going to sleep.
9. Warm compress for spine. Warm temperature of fomentation causes a sedative effect.
Supplies and directions for spine fomentation: two towels, 1-2  hot water bottles (flat rubber bottols are best): 
• wet one towel with warm water and wring as much as possible.
•fill water bottles with hot water and place one or two bottles lengthwise over the spine with patient lying on their abdomen.
•cover with a dry towel or with blanket from bed . Fomentation can be removed once heat fades away.
10.change to another room if not able to sleep in one room after 20 minutes or pursue a restful activity (such as a bath or meditation) and return only when sleepy.

Key points:
* Sleeping pills are addictive, they might promise sleep , but end up making a person anxious.
* Best sleep is of 6 hours or more.
* Taking too much time to fall off to sleep is a sign of stress. Easiest way to overcome this is to stop brooding about things .
* If nap is taken in afternoon, it Should not last more than an hour.
* Lack of sleep affects the way one ages and appears.
* Heavy meal at night activates the stomach , thus keeping the brain active . Anything that keeps the brain in overdrive affects sleep.
* People believe alcohol is a stimulant, but it is actually a depressant that affects sleep pattern.
* Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain , hypertension, reduced immunity, depression, and a feeling of being unwell and lack of concentration during the day.

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