Basics of Domains | Basics of The Internet


In the internet, computers and other machines communicates via a protocol called TCP/IP. TCP/IP is the only protocol used to send data all around the internet. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is unique.

TCP/IP is really two individual sections. Each machine connected to the Internet must have an address by which it can be located on the internet. This is called IP address of the machine. No two machines can have same IP address. Hence IP address, identifies that machine. 


As the internet grew over the years and its became huge worldwide. So a governing body was formed in USA called InterNIC. The InterNIC allocates unique IP addresses to organizations linked to the Internet. A unique IP address therefore points to an actual computer connected via gateway to the Internet.

The Actual Computer is known as a ‘Domain’ which have InterNIC unique IP address. Domain is a place where information is available. This is ‘Physical Domain’ on the internet.

So Conceptually, a Server, which has a permanent IP address (Physical Domain) can provide a gateway to other computers to access the internet. Can provide information for internet clients to read and provide a physical location on which several ‘Virtual Domains’ can be hosted.



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