Basics of the World Wide Web

 The world wide web or simply the Web is the information service on the internet worldwide. To get information from the Web users of a computer uses special software called a Browser client. Through Browser to TCP/IP, HTTP and a Web Server makes Web to function. TCP/IP is the communication protocol used by the Internet to function the Web. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the protocol used by the WWW service to make communication possible between a web server and a web browser.


Web browsers are application software, which sends request to the Web server for Information. Web server is a special software, which runs on a Server and responds to the requests made by the Browser clients on the network. By accepting the requests by other computer on the network web server provide the desired information to the client.


For file transferring there is a protocol, which also a service and application is called FTP or File Transfer Protocol. Ftp provides the facility to transfer files between two computers running on different computers. FTP is a service for copying files from one computer to another and files can be send or receive. So the send file the new copy of the file is identical to the original.


FTP application for server and client is required for both the computers, which understands this service. A client application is required on the local computer to contact the FTP server application runs on the remote computer. Instructions given on the client are executed by the server application. It provides upload and download services between client computer and server computer with different permissions such as delete, rename, change etc.


Telnet: Telnet application acts as a Terminal emulator. Telnet is both a TCP/IP application and a protocol for connecting a local computer to a remote computer. For connect to the remote computer through Telnet application user must enter the IP address of the computer. After getting respond from the computer username and password has to be enter for accessing the data of the remote computer.