What is Domains in the Internet



In the ‘Physical Domain’ on the internet there can host several ‘Virtual Domains’. So, when a ‘Web Site’ provides Internet clients information to read, the site is mounted as a ‘Virtual Domain’ on an Internet Server, which is its host. Physical Domain is Hosting Server.


Virtual Domains are sub directories of an Internet Server’s hard disk drive. So, in an Internet Hosting Server’s different folders indicate different Web Site’s and File’s within the sub directory are the information that the Internet clients wish to read.


In the web server software when it receives Internet client’s request for information it search for ‘wwwroot’ sub directory and automatically provide a default file for the first time which is ‘index.html’. Hosting Server companies rent Virtual Domain space on their hard disk drive and provide different services like multiple e-mail boxes, website creation tool.


When an Internet client requests for information to a Virtual domain on the internet, the request is routed to proper Internet Server using TCP/IP. The Web Server software running on this Internet Server handles the request, resolves the Virtual Domain Name sent along with the request a search for the actual folder on its hard disk where the web site is hosted.










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