What is Internet Backbone, Gateway


Internet Servers which has a permanent IP address, runs Server software is a Physical Domain holder. Simply ‘Domain’ where information is available. Internet Servers are connected to the Internet via an ‘Internet Gateway’. An Internet gateway is usually provided by one of the networking companies who have spent enormous sums of money to set up the physical networks that circles the globe.


These physical networks are called the ‘Internet Backbone’. The internet backbone is a heterogeneous mix of networking technologies, which have successfully implemented and currently fully operational. Examples of networking technologies are Ethernet, VSat, Fiber Opticts, Infrared, VHF/UHF radio frequencies etc.


Now, IP address registering authority InterNIC also authorizes other countries registering authority. In India, NCST(National Center for Software Technology) a quasi government body is authorized to issue permanent IP addresses.


Again Virtual Domains are required to register to InterNIC. For doing that someone who wants to build a website and host it its required to register by paying a fee to InterNIC. A Domain registration is done by a extension to the Domain Name. Examples of domain name are .edu, .gov, .org, ,com etc.


InterNIC has a database on which their special software scans its registered database while a new registration of domain comes in. InterNIC software ensure that the new registered domain name is unique. If the name is unique it accepts the registration request otherwise it rejects it.

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