service under BASUNDHARA PORTAL-how to apply for Allotment Certificate to Periodic Patta

Allotment Certificate to Periodic Patta

The allotment certificate to be converted to periodic patta after verifying the possession of the allotee for the stipulated period.

Steps for applying: Select the service and click apply now

1. Land Details

- Select District

- Choose Circle, Select rural or urban

- Select Village

- Choose Dag

- Land Schedule (B-K-L)autopopulated

2. Allotment Certificate Details

- Enter Order No.

- Enter Order Date

- Enter Area Alloted (Bigha–Katha–Lessa)

- Select Yes or No for Are you Original Allottee

- Enter original allottee name

- Select Land Type

- Enter Area Allotted (Bigha -Katha-Lessa)

- Select Allotment Scheme

3. Applicant details

- Enter Name in English

- Enter Name in Assamese

- Enter Guardian Name in English and in Assamese

- Select guardian relation

- Enter Gender

- Enter Date of Birth

- Enter Address

- Mobile No will be autopopulated

- Save applicant

- Add applicants for multiple applicants

4. Upload documents

- Allotment Certificate

- Up to date land revenue payment receipt

- ID proof document if not original allottee

5. View application form

6. Accept agreement and submit application.

7. Download generated Acknowledgement receipt