service under BASUNDHARA PORTAL-how to apply for Conversion from AnuualPatta to Periodic Patta

Conversion from AnuualPatta to Periodic Patta

Conversion is the process through which status of any land settled for one year (Annual Patta) is changed to longer tenure. Once AP land is converted to PP Land, the land owner shall have permanent, heritable and transferable right of use and occupancy in his land. There is no premium for AP to PP conversion only for rural areas.

Steps for applying: Select the service and click apply now

1. Land Details

- Select District

- Choose Circle, Select rural or urban

- Select Village

- Choose Dag

- Land Schedule (Bigha-Katha-Lessa)autopopulated

2. Applicant details

- Select applicants name

- Enter Area to be converted (Bigha-Katha-Lessa)

3. Upload documents

- Upload up to date land revenue receipt

4. View application form

5. Accept agreement and submit application.

6. Download generated Acknowledgement receipt